25 Icons of Peace in the Quran

Front Cover of 25 Icons of Peace in the Qur'anFront Cover of 25 Icons of Peace in the Qur'an

About 25 Icons of Peace in the Qur’an: Lessons of Harmony

In a worldwide crisis where political and religious warfare have taken a toll on human life and politicians have circumvented any prospect for peace, religious scripture and interfaith round-table discussions continue to draw on solidarity and cohesion among people of all faiths. The 25 Icons of Peace in the Qur’an is an attempt to strengthen such efforts by inviting readers to appreciate the stories of the prophets as they are told in the Qur’an and learn that their mission was to promote peace.

The 26 Icons of Peace in the Qur’an is a compelling collection of the stories of the prophets in Islam as stated in the Qur’an. Each story accompanied by comments and explanations is quoted from the Qur’an. I have included a brief synopsis at the beginning of each chapter to give the reader a general overview and an end summary to recapture the essence of each prophet’s mission. All narratives are gathered and written in a story-like fashion as opposed to their current sporadic arrangement making it easy for the reader to gain insight into the life of each prophet and realize that the Qur’an is the power behind Islamic corpus and that scholarly provenance has consistently relied on Qur’anic-related traditions.

The book is accessible, rich, meaningful, and insightful. The stories of the prophets from Adam to Mohamed (pbuh) are a living part of the Islamic religious worldview and their lessons remain a powerful teaching tool for a society of believers. They expand one’s knowledge of Islam and encourage the reluctant reader to read the entire Qur’an (something many Muslims are reluctant to do because of its lengthy and somewhat perplex format) for greater insight and direction into the religion.

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The book will enlighten a non-Muslim’s perspective on Islam and eradicate the air of doubt in the minds of many that Islam is anything but a religion of love, peace, and compassion. It invites readers young and old, Muslim and non-Muslim to read and reread each chapter to extract the message that God carries the ‘ultimate’ solution to peace. It also allows for comparison among the prophets’ stories as documented in the Qur’an and juxtaposed with the Bible and Torah.


This book should be required reading for every high school and college student, and the general public. A true insight into the real face of Islam from an author who has lived all around the world. America desperately needs to wake up and smell the coffee and this book is a boiling pot of strong java.

Dr. Assel is a phenomenal writer. She is knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to this topic of preventing the spread of this horrible culture of ignorance and negativity towards Islam.

Today more than ever we need to understand Islam for it truly is not what the media portrays it to be. Assel’s book is so illuminating, so educational, so human, so revealing, so insightful passionate and caring. It provided me with a deeper picture of the true face of Islam than almost anything else I’ve read on the subject. It should be mentioned that the book is well written indeed, gripping and movingly paced. My thanks to Dr. Assel for writing this book, and my hope that her efforts will be wasted. She really deserves to be heard.

– Nina

This is an entry into the Koran for those who are curious and want to learn about the stories and the lives of the prophets of Islam who are mentioned in the Koran. The stories are quoted verbatim with brief explanations. It is an easy read, interesting and enlightening. It offers readers (young or old – Muslim or non-Muslim) an intelligible review of the prophets in the Koran.
This book is astounding!

– Anonymous Reader

The book is astounding! When I was carrying it around, I would point it out to people and tell them that “this is an important book!” And it is. Mary Assel has performed a great service to counteract the awful mindset we’ve had in this country about the Qur’an and the people who revere its teachings. We have such a distorted view, amplified by the media, the military, and other institutions that need to create enemies if they can’t find them.

Thank you so much. The book is prodigiously researched and beautifully written. You must be extremely proud.

– Suzanne Antisdel

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