A Sprinkle of Dust: A Mother’s Struggle with Loss and Healing

My latest publication: A Sprinkle of Dust: A Mother’s Struggle with Loss and Healing was inspired by the loss of my son and the challenges of grief and healing. The book is already in major bookstores, Amazon, Smashwords and an emporium of international bookstores. My story is about my son Mazen , father of three, his life from cradle to grave, and how I struggled with the concepts of love, spirituality, and acceptance. The book is moving, informative, and highly educational. It provides valuable insight into Islamic philosophy and humanizes the culture for readers who know little about Islam or who have little contact with Middle Eastern cultures in this negative time of vilifying anything associated with Islam. I delicately weave my experiences into the multidimensional fabric of American culture. The scenes of my life in Senegal and Lebanon are captivating and add great depth to my narrative. It is a memoir that many people, both those suffering the loss of a son, as well as those interested in learning about Middle Eastern culture from the viewpoint of an ME -American.

As Us journal has published chapter three in their latest 2017 edition if you would like to take a peek.